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AHEAD has two main aims. The first is to develop, test and bring into general use an holistic approach to active ageing based on senior citizens' travelling experiences. The second aim, linked to the first, is to equip senior travellers with the ICT skills that will enable them to use their travels as the basis of an innovative learning experience for young people through a dedicated user-friendly APP.

What can AHEAD do for you?
• Train you to use digital media!
• Make you a great storyteller!
• Enhance the value of your experience and knowledge!
• Enrich you with a European experience and network of other older people with similar
• Provide you with essential and effective storytelling performance skills, knowledge
  and attitudes!
• Assist you with tools to create your Lifelong Learning Adventures and offer you new
  ways of communicating!
• Empower you to pass your new skills on to the whole community!


What can YOU do for AHEAD?
• Share your culture – your experiences, your interests, your knowledge!
• Show off the area where you live – its landscape, heritage and special features!
• Take action about the need to build up a pro-ageing environment!
• Allow the community to benefit from your skills and experiences!
• Help promote a community approach to tourism planning!
• Be curious, be eager to learn and be ready to pass on your acquired skills, knowledge
  and attitudes!
• Inspire the project with your participation and your interest!


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