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Healthy ageing means optimising opportunities for senior citizens to improve their physical, social and mental health. Within a society that promotes healthy ageing, senior citizens take an active and equal role in society, enjoy their independence and experience a good quality of life. For the AHEAD project, all this means taking an holistic approach towards its goals, ensuring that life's many rich and varied aspects are fully considered.

Many senior citizens and early retirees are in the fortunate position of having enough free time for their hobbies and interests. For some, this involves travel and exploration; seeing new sights and having fresh experiences. Enabling these senior citizens to share their information and knowledge in a valuable and usable fashion would be extremely beneficial to several target groups.

  • Firstly, it would help build a network with other groups of senior citizens in other countries or localities who have similar interests and who enjoy the same activities.
  • Secondly, senior citizens' knowledge and information would become relevant and interesting to younger generations, who would also gain much from such materials.
  • Thirdly, senior citizens would be supported in recording their experiences in a way suitable for sharing shared with their family members of their own and other generations, strengthening the bonds between them.

All such cases would promote and improve the contribution senior members can actually give back to society, at different levels, and the value of their experience and knowledge would be acknowledged by target groups from different backgrounds and generations.

The idea
The greatest travel writers always tell a story, sometimes the story of their journey, sometimes about their destination. A story tells us what we need to learn about a journey – far more than simply mere geographical details. Senior citizens often have the necessary life experiences and available time to be great storytellers. Additionally, a variety of previous storytelling projects have shown the richness which images and sounds can bring to a story, increasing the interest and engagement of the audience. These can be combined into a digital story.


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