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From Storytelling to senior citizens' empowerment!
Digital storytelling (DS) is a single phrase for a rather wide set of multifaceted practices. Basically, DS means using an available and rather simple software application to create digital stories, that is, narrations that exploit voice, text, images, video, sounds and music. DS has been developed in particular for biographical projects (in particular through the work of the Digital Story Center in California), and then extended to social projects, also in international co-operation (the experience of SEED in this field is a relevant case).

Proposing DS to senior citizens leads to promoting active aging by
• stimulating memory
• stimulating the senses in writing, reading, selecting pictures, etc.
• developing ICT-based skills
• offering new communication channels.

Also, proposing DS for travel stories means
• promoting mobility and socialization.

The technological challenge
The inherent challenge in such a project is bridging the technological gap between the generations. Facilitating senior citizens to create media will require training in software and hardware use.
This upskilling of senior citizens means not only updating their skills and competencies; it also means making these skills more relevant to creating communication channels with the younger generation. The younger generation are more familiar with various media and technologies.

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