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AHEAD's overall goal is to foster active ageing. AHEAD's central idea is that through empowering senior members of society in the use of digital technologies, they can share stories of their travels and experiences. Offering digital storytelling to senior citizens involves introducing them to ICT for active ageing, and providing them with a new communication opportunity for reaching others, especially younger people.

AHEAD has 4 specific objectives:

1. AHEAD develops a user-friendly APP for mobile devices targeting seniors with which they can record and share stories of their travelling experiences.
2. AHEAD develops a training package and set of resources aimed at introducing the use of the app. Through the planned training activity senior citizens will gain improved ICT skills.
3. AHEAD connects the stories produced with the app (Learning Adventures) to a sharing platform; this will be offered as a new approach to tourism planning organisations for use by other members of the communities.
4. AHEAD connects the tools and resources produced by its activities and initiatives across different European countries (Italy, United Kingdom, Slovenia and Finland). It involves senior members of society in educational and entertainment activities whereby they enrich their contribution to society.

In the longer term, AHEAD will help senior members of society acquire an innovative set of skills and competences enabling them to become successful storytellers. Also, the inter-generational gap in the use of ICT will decrease, and, furthermore, the senior participants will become more socially active. Their quality of life can be enhanced by realizing their potential for physical, social, and mental well-being and by participating more in society, while providing a new basis for the development of a bottom-up approach to tourism planning: the Lifelong Learning Adventures!

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