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Co-creating Learning Adventures into the Digital World: An International Seminar

Event Date: 29/30.9.2015
Location: Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Vanha Maantie 9, Espoo, Finland
(The Seminar is free of charge to attend and is open to all)

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Join us in creating future learning adventures into the digital world that connect different fields, industries and even generations. Many opportunities to foster active ageing and lifelong learning have already been discovered within the digital world. Partner with an array of experts as we work to turn these discoveries into desirable, feasible and viable learning experiences!
This two-day seminar brings together stakeholders from adult education, digital storytelling, senior associations, tourism and ICT training. The interactive approach of the program encourages the sharing of individual experiences while learning from others in an international environment. At the heart of the seminar are the seniors as learners of mobile technologies, their experiences and their stories.

The seminar is hosted by AHEAD – Training High Tech Seniors for Discovery, a multinational project that builds on a partnership of six organizations in five countries. The AHEAD project combines expertise in digital storytelling, education and tourism to develop an innovative approach promoting digital storytelling among senior travellers. Read more about AHEAD project.

Who should attend?
Anyone working with topics such as active ageing, lifelong learning, digital storytelling, education, ICT related fields, mobile development, education policy development, social media, senior associations, policy planning, service design, tourism and destination marketing is invited to attend and participate. The event is also ideal for projects and companies looking to present their innovations and ideas to audience that represents expertise in active ageing, lifelong learning, education and the end-users of interest – the seniors.

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