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The objective and goals of AHEAD are in line with those of the organisations in the project consortium.
Specifically, the coordinating organisation is involved in planning and implementing creative activities applied to training at different levels: vocational, informal, addressing adults, youngsters and children.
The consortium features two institutions which are actively involved in field education and whose core activities are consistent with those which will be planned, developed and implemented within AHEAD. In particular, the expertise of such organisations in the integration of technologies in educational and training initiatives, and in the research for improving teaching quality and innovation will give a significant contribution to the quality of pedagogical frameworks and will make it possible to produce effective and efficient training resources, actually addressing senior citizens as a target group.
Finally, the consortium features three organisations which actually deliver training to senior members of society and involve them in activities aimed at promoting their active participation and integration in today's world, such as travel, seminars, movies shows, etc.
The associated partners will support the identification of needs and will also facilitate the piloting and validation of the model.




Superficie 8 is a company that offers a wide range of services as such: strategic planning, eMarketing and Territorial Marketing for Local Development, communication design strategy, vocational training and consulting services aimed at improving organisational and human resources management. Communication and marketing, internet and web, training, business organisation, small and large events organisation: Everything is exchange, reflection and culture. Moreover, the research behind it constantly seeks to determine, through communication, the values underlying each project. This represents Superficie 8 main goal pursued with constancy and commitment, from the design of a simple brochure to the development of a website. Superficie 8 gives maximum attention to new technologies development that could make the communication tools as the most effective for companies & local authorities in the belief that the business results cannot be separated without a good marketing plan and a communication strategy, approaching also small and micro marketing, believed to be a powerful opportunity for business development. Moreover, Superficie 8 is accredited, by the Umbria Region, as training agency for higher education and Long Life Learning, since 2002. It offers a large catalogue of courses, organising and delivering training programs to promote the employment of young and unemployed citizens, and to qualify and retrain workers with specific projects, according to the logic of Active Labour market Policies. The long-standing experience in funded Training & Education allows it to offer training strategies shared with public authorities, in order to implement actions for the job creation and the education-training-work system innovation. The continuing professional development of its staff makes its capabilities and expertise more competitive. Superficie 8 is an original company able to build successful partnerships with companies and organisations for the development of major projects and initiatives. Creativity and professionalism are the basis of every project and customer satisfaction is its mission.



Seed is a non-profit organization located in Lugano, Switzerland. Seed  was born from the belief that an adequate use of ICT and e-learning technologies can make a difference in education and training initiatives in cooperation and development projects: enhancing access, allowing the creation of stable networks, and improving daily working activities.

Seed’s specific role in AHEAD project will mainly consist in producing a mobile app, specifically designed to allow seniors share information and knowledge about their experience and interests. 




The University of Durham, in the United Kingdom, was founded in 1832. It counts over 15,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students (of whom 3,500 are postgraduates and 1,900 international students from over 120 countries) and employs over 3,000 staff. Its academic teaching and research programmes are delivered through departments organised within three faculties: Arts and Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences and Health. Durham University is one of the UK's leading research universities and has been successfully involved, both as partner and coordinator, in a large number of EU funded projects and networks. The University is engaged in several aspects of activity such as high-quality teaching and learning, advanced research and partnership with business, and regional and community partnerships and initiatives. The School of Education is one of the leading research departments in the UK and has recently been rated as outstanding and amongst the top providers of teacher education. The project team has a broad experience, including Digital Storytelling, Intercultural Communication, English Teaching and ICT in Education. 




Le Mat is a european brand and a social franchise system of social entrepreneurs in tourism. Le Mat stands for sustainable and inclusive small-scale local tourism, and for a special method of managing hospitality, welcoming, support, and care of our travelers. We would like that travelers were an active part of our community of entrepreneurs working inclusively! 




Ljudska univerza Velenje is public non-profit institution offering education programmes for adults (formal and non-formal). It takes active part in regional community by improving the educational structure of the population.
55 years of tradition, provision of expert knowledge, quality and friendly attitude towards participants without doubt contribute to the fact that each school year more than 3.000 participants take part in various educational programs. LUV cooperates with institutions in the region by promoting the importance of education, by offering various educational programmes and by involving them in different EU and national projects.




Laurea UAS - Finland: Multidisciplinary Laurea University of Applied Sciences is an acknowledged developer in the Helsinki ‎Metropolitan Area operating in seven regional units. Laurea produces new competences in the field of service innovations and carries out professionally orientated education, regional development and R&D activities by following the Learning by Developing (LbD) operational model. The largest fields of study are Social Sciences, Business and Adminstration as well as Social Services, Health and Sports.




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This project has been funded with support from  the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.